Blood Makes Relatives But Love and Loyalty Makes Families! 

In order to access and view some pages listed to the left, friends and members of IFA will need to contact Pop Marshall in order to be provided a user name and password since IFA is a 'private' family entity. Ph. 570-238-8020

NOTICE: The photo albums in the photo section doesn't represent all adoptees within specific states, rather only those who photos are available or those who are most loyal to the IFA objective or who has not been a problem during their membership. Such status is subject to change without notice.

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The family for those in need of a family

NEW! Now IFA members can access a wealth of legal information by clicking on 'Legal Links' to left on this page. A user name and password will be issued upon members request to the IFA Pop or by calling him at 570-415-5820. Remember, families are not just made after the stroke of a judge's pen, they are also developed from the heart.  

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