About IFA

The family for those in need of a family. IFA consist of those who have been adopted by William Marshall under California Family code which provides whereby one adult may adopt another adult. Adoptees are not required to change their names to that of the adopting parent. Potential adoptees are judged on their future objectives and not that of their past. Additionally, acceptance of a potential adoptee is not based upon their level of education or economics. Rather, such is primarly based on what is in their heart. While performing legal support services as a paralegal to many celebrities in the area of entertainment law many years ago, the IFA father discovered that even they advocated their needs for becoming a member of the IFA family. Comsequently, William Marshall is the equal as a father figure to those 18 years of age and over as Father Flanningan is to those under 18 years of age. Most notable and not withstanding the founding objective in the establishing of IFA, recently IFA has come to be known as not only an independent family of familes, but the IFA father has adopted even those who sustain even a good wholesome relationship with their biological father since as like those who don't have such healthy father roots, the adult adoptions doesn't affect the natural parent relationship. As an example of this, the IFA father adopted both a mother (Carol) and her adult son (Kenny) which althought resulting in William Marshall becoming the father to them both, such did not affect their mother and son relationship. The IFA father indeed stresses that his adoptees are his life and what makes his world revolve. To knowledge, IFA is the only such legally created independent family entity in the world. Although the IFA father doesn't just adopt anyone or everyone he comes in contact with or referred to him, his position is that there is always room for another in such family of many nationalities. Our troubled world needs more love and care for each other which is but one objective of IFA.  Although the initial objective of IFA was focused upon those who had little or no father roots, such objectives have expanded to not only those who have good natural father relationships, but new members have joined for the sole purpose of showing support for IFA since the adult adoptions does not affect the natural parent relationship. It should be note worthy to point out, that inasmuch as the IFA father knowingly adopts a few with criminal records with emphasis on youths 18 and above, he does so with the objective of using his paralegal experience to discourage them from continuing to a criminal career. After all, with the assistance of someone who shows they care like Pop, people can change to a productive individual and asset to their family and community.

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